Two items (described in more detail below):

1. The deadline for early-bird registration has been extended
   to Friday night (4 October 2002).
2. All ApacheCon delegates will also receive a free pass to
   the Comdex Exhibit hall.  (Comdex is in Las Vegas at the same
   time as ApacheCon.)

We have had some problems with the registration system for ApacheCon.
The deadline for the early-bird registration (US$499 and US$400 per
tutorial) was supposed to be 17h00 EDT (that's U.S. EASTERN TIME)
Tuesday.  Due to some glitches, the registration software expired
the deadline early.  A number of people hesitated to register because
it seemed as though they'd be overcharged, and some people went
ahead and registered anyway.

So: We're extending the deadline to midnight (U.S. EASTERN TIME,
UTC -0500) Friday night, 4 October 2002.  (I repeat: that's U.S.
EASTERN TIME. If you're in California and you try to register at
ten o'clock local time Friday night, that's after midnight EDT and
you won't get the discount.)

If you haven't registered yet, either because you didn't want to be
overcharged or because you just didn't get a round tuit, go ahead
and register now.  You'll save US$200 on the conference registration
and US$100 on each tutorial.

If you registered on Monday 30 September 2002 or before, you should
be all set -- you don't need to do anything.

If you registered Tuesday and got charged US$699 for the conference
and US$500 for each tutorial, please send your name, email address,
and telephone number to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> so we can make sure
you get contacted.  (If you already sent mail and your situation has
been sorted out, you don't need to send another message.)  We will
contact you individually to ensure you are not overcharged.

If you registered Tuesday and aren't sure whether you were
overcharged or not, please contact <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> as
above and indicate that you want to verify the amount you're being

Please accept my sincere apologies for the confusion and problems,
and thanks for your support!
- -- 
Ken Coar
ApacheCon chair

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