The Apache Software Foundation and The Apache HTTP Server Project are
pleased to announce the seventh public release of the Apache 2.0
HTTP Server.  This Announcement notes the significant changes in
2.0.44 as compared to 2.0.43.

This version of Apache is principally a security and bug fix release.
A summary of the bug fixes is given at the end of this document.
Of particular note is that 2.0.44 addresses three security
vulnerabilities affecting the Windows platform.

VU#979793 Versions of Windows 9x and Me could be crashed by a malicious
request to Apache that contains a MS-DOS device name.  This is a known
security issues in Microsoft Windows for a which a fix is available:
Apache 2.0.44 has also been patched to correctly filter MS-DOS device
names preventing the crash even if the Microsoft update is not applied
( CAN-2003-0016 [1]).

VU#825177 As a consequence of VU#979793, a remote attacker can
run arbitrary code on a server running Apache under Windows 9x and Me
by sending a carefully crafted POST request containing a MS-DOS device
name ( CAN-2003-0016 [1]).

On Windows platforms Apache could be forced to serve unexpected files
by appending illegal characters such as '<' to the request URL
( CAN-2003-0017 [2]).

The Apache Software Foundation would like to thank Matthew Murphy and
Lionel Brits for the responsible reporting of these issues.

The 2.0.44 release marks a change in the Apache release process and a new
level of stability in the 2.0 series.  Beginning with this release, we
will make every effort to retain forward compatibility in the
configuration and module API, so that upgrading along the 2.0 series
should be much easier.  This compatibility extends backwards to 2.0.42, so
users of that version or later should be able to upgrade without changing
configurations or updating DSO modules.  (Users of earlier releases will
need to recompile all modules in order to upgrade to 2.0.44.)

We consider this release to be the best version of Apache available
and encourage users of all prior versions to upgrade.

Apache 2.0.44 is available for download from

Please see the CHANGES_2.0 file, linked from the above page, for
a full list of changes.

Apache 2.0 offers numerous enhancements, improvements, and performance
boosts over the 1.3 codebase.  For an overview of new features introduced
after 1.3 please see

When upgrading or installing this version of Apache, please keep
in mind the following:

If you intend to use Apache with one of the threaded MPMs, you must
ensure that the modules (and the libraries they depend on) that you
will be using are thread-safe.  Please contact the vendors of these
modules to obtain this information.

                   Apache 2.0.44 Major changes

Security vulnerabilities closed since Apache 2.0.43

 *) Fixed the security vulnerability noted in VU#979793: Apache vulnerable
    to DoS via request for MS-DOS device on Windows 9x and Me.

 *) Fixed the security vulnerability noted in VU#825177: Apache allows
    arbitrary code execution via crafted POST request containing MS-DOS
    device name on Windows 9x and Me.

 *) Fix CAN-2002-0017: On Windows platforms Apache could be forced to serve
    unexpected files by appending illegal characters such as '<' to the
    request URL.

Bugs fixed and features added since Apache 2.0.43

 *) mod_autoindex: Bring forward the IndexOptions IgnoreCase option
    from Apache 1.3.  PR 14276
    [David Shane Holden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, William Rowe]

 *) mod_mime: Workaround to prevent a segfault if r->filename=NULL
    [Brian Pane]

 *) Reorder the definitions for mod_ldap and mod_auth_ldap within
    config.m4 to make sure the parent mod_ldap is defined first.
    This ensures that mod_ldap comes before mod_auth_ldap in the
    httpd.conf file, which is necessary for mod_auth_ldap to load.
    PR 14256  [Graham Leggett]

 *) Fix the building of cgi command lines when the query string
    contains '='.  PR 13914  [Ville Skyttä <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
    Jeff Trawick]

 *) Rename CacheMaxStreamingBuffer to MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer. Move
    implementation of MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer from mod_cache to
    mod_mem_cache. MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer now defaults to the
    lesser of 100,000 bytes or MCacheMaxCacheObjectSize. This should
    eliminate the need for explicitly coding MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer
    in most configurations. [Bill Stoddard]

    as set by apr-util in util_ldap.c. This should allow mod_ldap
    to work with the Netscape/Mozilla LDAP library. [Řyvin Sřmme
    <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Graham Leggett]

 *) Fix critical bug in new --enable-v4-mapped configure option
    implementation which broke IPv4 listening sockets on some
    systems.  [hiroyuki hanai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_setenvif: Fix BrowserMatchNoCase support for non-regex
    patterns [André Malo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Add version string to provider API.  [Justin Erenkrantz]

 *) mod_negotiation: Set the appropriate mime response headers
    (Content-Type, charset, Content-Language and Content-Encoding)
    for negotated type-map "Body:" responses (such as the error
    pages.)  [André Malo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_log_config: Allow '%%' escaping in CustomLog format
    strings to insert a literal, single '%'.
    [André Malo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_autoindex: AddDescription directives for directories
    now work as in Apache 1.3, where no trailing '/' is
    specified on the directory name.  Previously, the trailing
    '/' *had* to be specified, which was incompatible with
    Apache 1.3.  PR 7990  [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Fix for PR 14556. The expiry calculations in mod_cache were
    trying to perform "now + ((date - lastmod) * factor)" where
    date == lastmod resulting in "now + 0". The code now follows
    the else path (using the default expiration) if date is
    equal to lastmod. [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Sergey), Paul J. Reder]

 *) Use AP_DECLARE in the debug versions of ap_strXXX in case the
    default calling convention is not the same as the one used by
    AP_DECLARE.  [Juan Rivera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_cache: Don't cache response header fields designated
    as hop-by-hop headers in HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616 Section 13.5.1).
    [Estrade Matthieu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Brian Pane]

 *) mod_cgid: Handle environment variables containing newlines.
    PR 14550  [Piotr Czejkowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Jeff

 *) Move mod_ext_filter out of experimental and into filters.
    [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Fixed a memory leak in mod_deflate with dynamic content.
    PR 14321  [Ken Franken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Add --[enable|disable]-v4-mapped configure option to control
    whether or not Apache expects to handle IPv4 connections
    on IPv6 listening sockets.  Either setting will work on
    systems with the IPV6_V6ONLY socket option.  --enable-v4-mapped
    must be used on systems that always allow IPv4 connections on
    IPv6 listening sockets.  PR 14037 (Bugzilla), PR 7492 (Gnats)
    [Jeff Trawick]

 *) This fixes a problem where the underlying cache code
    indicated that there was one more element on the cache
    than there actually was. This happened since element 0
    exists but is not used. This code allocates the correct
    number of useable elements and reports the number of
    actually used elements. The previous code only allowed
    MCacheMaxObjectCount-1 objects to be stored in the
    cache. [Paul J. Reder]

 *) mod_setenvif: Add SERVER_ADDR special keyword to allow
    envariable setting according to the server IP address
    which received the request.  [Ken Coar]

 *) mod_cgid: Terminate CGI scripts when the client connection
    drops.  PR 8388  [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Rearrange OpenSSL engine initialization to support RAND
    redirection on crypto accelerator.

 *) Always emit Vary header if mod_deflate is involved in the
    request.  [Andre Malo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_isapi: Stop unsetting the 'empty' query string result with
    a NULL argument in ecb->lpszQueryString, eliminating segfaults
    for some ISAPI modules.  PR 14399
    [Detlev Vendt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) mod_isapi: Fix an issue where the HSE_REQ_DONE_WITH_SESSION
    notification is received before the HttpExtensionProc() returns
    HSE_STATUS_PENDING.  This only affected isapi .dll's configured
    with the ISAPIFakeAsync on directive.  PR 11918
    [John DeSetto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, William Rowe]

 *) mod_isapi: Fix the issue where all results from mod_isapi would
    run through the core die handler resulting in invalid responses
    or access log entries.  PR 10216 [William Rowe]

 *) Improves the user friendliness of the CacheRoot processing
    over my last pass. This version avoids the pool allocations
    but doesn't avoid all of the runtime checks. It no longer
    terminates during post-config processing. An error is logged
    once per worker, indicating that the CacheRoot needs to be set.
    [Paul J. Reder]

 *) Fix a bug where we keep files open until the end of a
    keepalive connection, which can result in:
    (24)Too many open files: file permissions deny server access
    especially on threaded servers.  [Greg Ames, Jeff Trawick]

 *) Fix a bug in which mod_proxy sent an invalid Content-Length
    when a proxied URL was invoked as a server-side include within
    a page generated in response to a form POST.  [Brian Pane]

 *) Added code to process min and max file size directives and to
    init the expirychk flag in mod_disk_cache. Added a clarifying
    comment to cache_util.   [Paul J. Reder]

 *) The value emitted by ServerSignature now mimics the Server HTTP
    header as controlled by ServerTokens.  [Francis Daly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Gracefully handly retry situations in the SSL input filter,
    by following the SSL libraries' retry semantics.
    [William Rowe]

 *) Terminate CGI scripts when the client connection drops.  This
    fix only applies to some normal paths in mod_cgi.  mod_cgid
    is still busted.  PR 8388  [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Fix a bug where 416 "Range not satisfiable" was being
    returned for content that should have been redirected.
    [Greg Ames]

 *) Fix memory leak in mod_ssl from internal SSL library allocations
    within SSL_get_peer_certificate and X509_get_pubkey.
    [Zvi Har'El <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
     Madhusudan Mathihalli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>].

 *) mod_ssl uses free() inappropriately in several places, to free
    memory which has been previously allocated inside OpenSSL.
    Such memory should be freed with OPENSSL_free(), not with free().
    [Nadav Har'El <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
     Madhusudan Mathihalli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>].

 *) Emit a message to the error log when we return 404 because
    the URI contained '%2f'.  (This was previously nastily silent
    and difficult to debug.)  [Ken Coar]

 *) Fix streaming output from an nph- CGI script.  CGI:IRC now
    works.  PR 8482  [Jeff Trawick]

 *) More accurate logging of bytes sent in mod_logio when
    the client terminates the connection before the response
    is completely sent  [Bojan Smojver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Fix some problems in the perchild MPM.
    [Jonas Eriksson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Change the CacheRoot processing to check for a required
    value at config time. This saves a lot of wasted processing
    if the mod_disk_cache module is loaded but no CacheRoot
    was provided. This fix also adds code to log an error
    and avoid useless pallocs and procesing when the computed
    cache file name cannot be opened. This also updates the
     docs accordingly.  [Paul J. Reder]

 *) Introduce the EnableSendfile directive, allowing users of NFS
    shares to disable sendfile mechanics when they either fail
    outright or provide intermitantly corrupted data.  PR
    [William Rowe]

 *) Resolve the error "An operation was attempted on something
    that is not a socket.  : winnt_accept: AcceptEx failed.
    Attempting to recover." for users of various firewall and
    anti-virus software on Windows.  PR 8325  [William Rowe]

 *) Add the ProxyBadHeader directive, which gives the admin some
    control on how mod_proxy should handle bogus HTTP headers from
    proxied servers. This allows 2.0 to "emulate" 1.3's behavior if
    desired. [Jim Jagielski]

 *) Change the LDAP modules to export their symbols correctly
    during a Windows build. Add dsp files for Windows. Update
    README.ldap file for Windows build instructions.
    [Andre Schild <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Performance improvements for the code that generates HTTP
    response headers  [Brian Pane]

 *) Add -S as a synonym for -t -DDUMP_VHOSTS.
    [Thom May <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>]

 *) Fix a bug with dbm rewrite maps which caused the wrong value to
    be used when the key was not found in the dbm.  PR 13204
    [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Fix a problem with streaming script output and mod_cgid.
    [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Add ap_register_provider/ap_lookup_provider API.
    [John K. Sterling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Justin Erenkrantz]



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