Following a vote on, and with input from the project
participants on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] Authors' discussion list,
the httpd project is pleased to announce the creation of a new modules-dev
list at  Current subscribers to the apache-modules list
will not be automatically moved, but are encouraged to subscribe themselves.

This mailing list is for people who are actually involved in writing third-party
or private modules for the Apache HTTP server. It is a peer support list for
programmers to discuss issues surrounding the development of web server modules
using the Apache HTTP Server module and APR APIs.

This community was historically hosted at [EMAIL PROTECTED], and those
posts are still archived on MARC, should continue to be available for perusing.

Details are available here;

and you can subscribe immediately by sending a blank email to;


The prior apache-modules list will be closed in three days time, and we hope
to see all of the current participants at modules-dev!

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