The Open MPI Team is pleased to announce the availability of 1.0 release candidate tarballs on the main web site:

1.0rc1 is currently available. We will likely have a few more candidates before publishing 1.0 "final." The software is considered feature complete for 1.0 (although many more features are planned for post-1.0), but we would love to have 3rd parties test the software in their own environments and send feedback on their results. Be sure to read the README file in the tarball for a list of release notes.

Documentation, including instructions on configuring, building, and running Open MPI, is available through the FAQ on the web site. The content there is continually growing, and is strongly influenced by user feedback.

Feel free to sign up on the user's mailing list for questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Please be sure to see the "Getting Help" tab on the main web site for important tips on sending effective problem reports (

Make today an Open MPI day!

{+} Jeff Squyres
{+} The Open MPI Project

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