The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version
1.1.1.  This release is mainly a bug fix release over the the v1.1 release,
but there are few minor new features.  Version 1.1.1 can be downloaded from
the main Open MPI web site or any of its mirrors (mirrors will be updating

We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to version 1.1.1 if possible.

Here are a list of changes in v1.1.1 as compared to v1.1:

- Fix for Fortran string handling in various MPI API functions.
- Fix for Fortran status handling in MPI_WAITSOME and MPI_TESTSOME.
- Various fixes for the XL compilers.
- Automatically disable using mallot() on AIX.
- Memory fixes for 64 bit platforms with registering MCA parameters in
  the self and MX BTL components.
- Fixes for BProc to support oversubscription and changes to the
  mapping algorithm so that mapping processes "by slot" works as
- Fixes for various abort cases to not hang and clean up nicely.
- If using the Intel 9.0 v20051201 compiler on an IA64 platform, the
  ptmalloc2 memory manager component will automatically disable
  itself.  Other versions of the Intel compiler on this platform seem
  to work fine (e.g., 9.1).
- Added "host" MPI_Info key to MPI_COMM_SPAWN and
- Add missing C++ methods: MPI::Datatype::Create_indexed_block,
  MPI::Datatype::Create_resized, MPI::Datatype::Get_true_extent.
- Fix OSX linker issue with Fortran bindings.
- Fixed MPI_COMM_SPAWN to start spawning new processes in slots that
  (according to Open MPI) are not already in use.
- Added capability to "mpirun a.out" (without specifying -np) that
  will run on all currently-allocated resources (e.g., within a batch
  job such as SLURM, Torque, etc.).
- Fix a bug with one particular case of MPI_BCAST.  Thanks to Doug
  Gregor for identifying the problem.
- Ensure that the shared memory mapped file is only created when there
  is more than one process on a node.
- Fixed problems with BProc stdin forwarding.
- Fixed problem with MPI_TYPE_INDEXED datatypes.  Thanks to Yven
  Fournier for identifying this problem.
- Fix some thread safety issues in MPI attributes and the openib BTL.
- Fix the BProc allocator to not potentially use the same resources
  across multiple ORTE universes.
- Fix gm resource leak.
- More latency reduction throughout the code base.
- Make the TM PLS (PBS Pro, Torque, Open PBS) more scalable, and fix
  some latent bugs that crept in v1.1.  Thanks to the Thunderbird crew
  at Sandia National Laboratories and Martin Schaffoner for access to
  testing facilities to make this happen.
- Added new command line options to mpirun:
  --nolocal: Do not run any MPI processes on the same node as mpirun
    (compatibility with the OSC mpiexec launcher)
  --nooversubscribe: Abort if the number of processes requested would
    cause oversubscription
  --quiet / -q: do not show spurious status messages
  --version / -V: show the version of Open MPI
- Fix bus error in XGrid process starter.  Thanks to Frank from the
  Open MPI user's list for identifying the problem.
- Fix data size mismatches that caused memory errors on PPC64
  platforms during the startup of the openib BTL.
- Allow propagation of SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals from mpirun to
  back-end MPI processes.
- Add missing MPI::Is_finalized() function.

Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems

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