The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic,
and industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI
version 1.2.5. This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.2.4
release, but there are few new features.  We strongly recommend
that all users upgrade to version 1.2.5 if possible.

Version 1.2.5 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or
any of its mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here are a list of changes in v1.2.5 as compared to v1.2.4:

- Fixed compile issue with open() on Fedora 8 (and newer) platforms.
  Thanks to Sebastian Schmitzdorff for noticing the problem.
- Added run-time warnings during MPI_INIT when MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE
  and/or progression threads are used (the OMPI v1.2 series does not
  support these well at all).
- Better handling of ECONNABORTED from connect on Linux.  Thanks to
  Bob Soliday for noticing the problem; thanks to Brian Barrett for
  submitting a patch.
- Reduce extraneous output from OOB when TCP connections must
  be retried.  Thanks to Brian Barrett for submitting a patch.
- Fix for ConnectX devices and OFED 1.3.  See ticket #1190.
- Fixed a configure problem for Fortran 90 on Cray systems.  Ticket #1189.
- Fix an uninitialized variable in the error case in opal_init.c.
  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for pointing out the mistake.
- Fixed a hang in configure if $USER was not defined.  Thanks to
  Darrell Kresge for noticing the problem.  See ticket #900.
- Added support for parallel debuggers even when we have an optimized build.
  See ticket #1178.
- Worked around a bus error in the Mac OS X 10.5.X (Leopard) linker when
  compiling Open MPI with -g.  See ticket #1179.
- Removed some warnings about 'rm' from Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) builds.
- Fix the handling of mx_finalize().  See ticket #1177.
  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for bringing this issue to our attention.
- Fixed minor file descriptor leak in the Altix timer code.  Thanks to
  Paul Hargrove for noticing the problem and supplying the fix.
- Fix a problem when using a different compiler for C and Objective C.
  See ticket #1153.
- Fix segfault in MPI_COMM_SPAWN when the user specified a working
  directory.  Thanks to Murat Knecht for reporting this and suggesting
  a fix.
- A few manpage fixes from the Debian Open MPI maintainers.  Thanks to
  Tilman Koschnick, Sylvestre Ledru, and Dirk Eddelbuettel.
- Fixed issue with pthread detection when compilers are not all
  from the same vendor.  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for the bug
  report.  See ticket #1150.
- Fixed vector collectives in the self module.  See ticket #1166.
- Fixed some data-type engine bugs: an indexing bug, and an alignment bug.
  See ticket #1165.
- Only set the MPI_APPNUM attribute if it is defined.  See ticket

Tim Mattox
Open Systems Lab
Indiana University

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