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Over the past year or two, I have been slowly creating a large set of
Open MPI training material that I've used to present to my company's
customers and partners.  I have just recently received permission to
release all of my slides to the greater HPC community.  Woo hoo!

Note that "receiving permission" is very different than receiving
funding or additional staff to publish said training material.  :-)
So I chose a very low-budget method to publish this material:
recording video+audio of me talking through my training slides (screen-
scraping the slides from my laptop's screen).  Each video is me
narrating a [relatively] small chunk of slides on a specific sub- topic:

1. What is MPI? What is Open MPI?
2. Basic Architecture and Tuning
3. OpenFabrics Concepts
4. Open MPI OpenFabrics Protocols (v1.2 series)
5. Tuning the Openib BTL (v1.2 series)
6. Openib BTL v1.3 Sneak Peak

Hopefully you'll find this information useful.

These videos are somewhat of a test.  Do users find them useful?  I
have other material that I could cover (i.e., more slides), and ideas
for additonal formats (e.g., terminal screen-scrapes showing actual
OMPI usage, demonstrating specific concepts), and others in the OMPI
group may be motivated to make some of these if users find them
useful.  We'd love to hear some feedback on the Open MPI users'
mailing list (keeping in mind that these are [very] low-budget

- Do you like these videos / are they useful to you?
- Do you like the format?
    - Is the (slides+narration) format useful?
    - Would terminal screen-scrape sessions be useful?
    - ...other [low-budget] suggestions?
- Do you have recommendations for specific topics that you would like
to see?

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems

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