The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic,
and industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI
version 1.2.9. This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.2.8
release.  This is the last planned release from the 1.2 series.

We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the 1.3 series
if possible.

Version 1.2.9 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or
any of its mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.2.9 as compared to v1.2.8:
- Fix a segfault when using one-sided communications on some forms of derived
  datatypes.  Thanks to Dorian Krause for reporting the bug. See #1715.
- Fix an alignment problem affecting one-sided communications on
  some architectures (e.g., SPARC64). See #1738.
- Fix compilation on Solaris when thread support is enabled in Open MPI
  (e.g., when using --with-threads). See #1736.
- Correctly take into account the MTU that an OpenFabrics device port
  is using. See #1722 and
- Fix two datatype engine bugs. See #1677.
  Thanks to Peter Kjellstrom for the bugreport.
- Fix the bml r2 help filename so the help message can be found. See #1623.
- Fix a compilation problem on RHEL4U3 with the PGI 32 bit compiler
  caused by <infiniband/driver.h>.  See ticket #1613.
- Fix the --enable-cxx-exceptions configure option. See ticket #1607.
- Properly handle when the MX BTL cannot open an endpoint. See ticket #1621.
- Fix a double free of events on the tcp_events list. See ticket #1631.
- Fix a buffer overun in opal_free_list_grow (called by MPI_Init).
  Thanks to Patrick Farrell for the bugreport and Stephan Kramer for
  the bugfix.  See ticket #1583.
- Fix a problem setting OPAL_PREFIX for remote sh-based shells.
  See ticket #1580.

Tim Mattox, Ph.D.
Open Systems Lab
Indiana University

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