The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic,
and industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI
version 1.3.3. This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.3.3
release, but there are few new features, including support for Microsoft
Windows.  We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to version 1.3.3
if possible.

Version 1.3.3 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or
any of its mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.3.3 as compared to v1.3.2:

- Fix a number of issues with the openib BTL (OpenFabrics) RDMA CM,
  including a memory corruption bug, a shutdown deadlock, and a route
  timeout.  Thanks to David McMillen and Hal Rosenstock for help in
  tracking down the issues.
- Change the behavior of the EXTRA_STATE parameter that is passed to
  Fortran attribute callback functions: this value is now stored
  internally in MPI -- it no longer references the original value
  passed by MPI_*_CREATE_KEYVAL.
- Allow the overriding RFC1918 and RFC3330 for the specification of
  "private" networks, thereby influencing Open MPI's TCP
  "reachability" computations.
- Improve flow control issues in the sm btl, by both tweaking the
  shared memory progression rules and by enabling the "sync" collective
  to barrier every 1,000th collective.
- Various fixes for the IBM XL C/C++ v10.1 compiler.
- Allow explicit disabling of ptmalloc2 hooks at runtime (e.g., enable
  support for Debain's builtroot system).  Thanks to Manuel Prinz and
  the rest of the Debian crew for helping identify and fix this issue.
- Various minor fixes for the I/O forwarding subsystem.
- Big endian iWARP fixes in the Open Fabrics RDMA CM support.
- Update support for various OpenFabrics devices in the openib BTL's
  .ini file.
- Fixed undefined symbol issue with Open MPI's parallel debugger
  message queue support so it can be compiled by Sun Studio compilers.
- Update MPI_SUBVERSION to 1 in the Fortran bindings.
- Fix MPI_GRAPH_CREATE Fortran 90 binding.
- Fix MPI_GROUP_COMPARE behavior with regards to MPI_IDENT.  Thanks to
  Geoffrey Irving for identifying the problem and supplying the fix.
- Silence gcc 4.1 compiler warnings about type punning.  Thanks to
  Number Cruncher for the fix.
- Added more Valgrind and other memory-cleanup fixes.  Thanks to
  various Open MPI users for help with these issues.
- Miscellaneous VampirTrace fixes.
- More fixes for openib credits in heavy-congestion scenarios.
- Slightly decrease the latency in the openib BTL in some conditions
  (add "send immediate" support to the openib BTL).
- Ensure to allow MPI_REQUEST_GET_STATUS to accept an
  MPI_STATUS_IGNORE parameter.  Thanks to Shaun Jackman for the bug
- Added Microsoft Windows support.  See README.WINDOWS file for

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