The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.5.  
This release represents over a year of research, development, and testing.  

Although the version 1.5 release marks the advent of a new "feature release" 
series for Open MPI, the v1.4 series remains relevant as the "super stable" 
series (e.g., there will likely be a v1.4.4 someday).  To explain what I mean, 
here's an excerpt from our release methodology:

    o Even minor release numbers are part of "super-stable"
      release series (e.g., v1.4.0). Releases in super stable series
      are well-tested, time-tested, and mature. Such releases are
      recomended for production sites. Changes between subsequent
      releases in super stable series are expected to be fairly small.
    o Odd minor release numbers are part of "feature" release
      series (e.g., v1.5.0). Releases in feature releases are
      well-tested, but they are not necessarily time-tested or as
      mature as super stable releases. Changes between subsequent
      releases in feature series may be large.

The v1.5 series will eventually morph into the next "super stable" series, v1.6 
-- at which time, we'll start a new "feature" series (v1.7).

Version 1.5 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly). 

The following is an abbreviated list of changes in v1.5 (note that countless 
other smaller improvements and enhancements are not shown below):

- Added "knem" support: direct process-to-process copying for shared
  memory message passing.  See
  and the README file for more details.
- Updated shared library versioning scheme and linking style of MPI
  applications.  The MPI application ABI has been broken from the
  v1.3/v1.4 series.  MPI applications compiled against any prior
  version of Open MPI will need to, at a minimum, re-link.  See the
  README file for more details.
- Added "fca" collective component, enabling MPI collective offload
  support for Voltaire switches.
- Fixed MPI one-sided operations with large target displacements.
  Thanks to Brian Price and Jed Brown for reporting the issue.
- Fixed MPI_GET_COUNT when used with large counts.  Thanks to Jed
  Brown for reporting the issue.
- Made the openib BTL safer if extremely low SRQ settings are used.
- Fixed handling of the array_of_argv parameter in the Fortran
  binding of MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Fixed malloc(0) warnings in some collectives.
- Fixed a problem with the Fortran binding for
  MPI_FILE_CREATE_ERRHANDLER.  Thanks to Secretan Yves for identifying
  the issue (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Updates to the LSF PLM to ensure that the path is correctly passed.
  Thanks to Teng Lin for the patch (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
  bindings.  Thanks to Paul Kapinos for pointing out the issue
  (** also to appear: 1.4.3).
- Fixed extra_state parameter types in F90 prototypes for
- Fixes for Solaris oversubscription detection.
- If the PML determines it can't reach a peer process, print a
  slightly more helpful message.  Thanks to Nick Edmonds for the
- Make btl_openib_if_include/exclude function the same way
  btl_tcp_if_include/exclude works (i.e., supplying an _include list
  overrides supplying an _exclude list).
- Apply more scalable reachability algorithm on platforms with more
  than 8 TCP interfaces.
- Various assembly code updates for more modern platforms / compilers.
- Relax restrictions on using certain kinds of MPI datatypes with
  one-sided operations.  Users beware; not all MPI datatypes are valid
  for use with one-sided operations!
- Improve behavior of MPI_COMM_SPAWN with regards to --bynode.
- Various threading fixes in the openib BTL and other core pieces of
  Open MPI.
- Various help file and man pages updates.
- Various FreeBSD and NetBSD updates and fixes.  Thanks to Kevin
  Buckley and Aleksej Saushev for their work.
- Fix case where freeing communicators in MPI_FINALIZE could cause
  process failures.
- Print warnings if shared memory state files are opened on what look
  like networked filesystems.
- Update libevent to v1.4.13.
- Allow propagating signals to processes that call fork().
- Fix bug where MPI_GATHER was sometimes incorrectly examining the
  datatype on non-root processes.  Thanks to Michael Hofmann for
  investigating the issue.
- Various Microsoft Windows fixes.
- Various Catamount fixes.
- Various checkpoint / restart fixes.
- Xgrid support has been removed until it can be fixed (patches
  would be welcome).
- Added simplistic "libompitrace" contrib package.  Using the MPI
  profiling interface, it essentially prints out to stderr when select
  MPI functions are invoked.
- Update bundled VampirTrace to v5.8.2.
- Add pkg-config(1) configuration files for ompi, ompi-c, ompi-cxx,
  ompi-f77, ompi-f90.  See the README for more details.
- Removed the libopenmpi_malloc library (added in the v1.3 series)
  since it is no longer necessary
- Add several notifier plugins (generally used when Open MPI detects
  system/network administrator-worthy problems); each have their own
  MCA parameters to govern their usage.  See "ompi_info --param
  notifier <name>" for more details.
  - command to execute arbitrary commands (e.g., run a script).
  - file to send output to a file.
  - ftb to send output to the Fault Tolerant Backplane (see
  - hnp to send the output to mpirun.
  - smtp (requires libesmtp) to send an email.

Jeff Squyres
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