The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 

As the v1.5 series matures, this release contains a lot of stability fixes and 
a few new features. 

*** Note that the "v1.5.x" series is the "feature development" series for Open 
MPI.  We consider it fairly stable, but it not quite as time-tested as the 
mature v1.4.x series (although it's getting there).  Production sites may wish 
to stay with v1.4.x until the v1.5 series transitions to its "mature" 
counterpart (i.e., the v1.6 series). 

Version 1.5.4 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors (Windows binaries will be available shortly; mirrors will also be 
updating shortly).

Here is a list of changes in v1.5.4 as compared to v1.5.3:

- Add support for the (as yet unreleased) Mellanox MXM transport.
- Add support for dynamic service levels (SLs) in the openib BTL.
- Fixed C++ bindings cosmetic/warnings issue with
  MPI::Comm::NULL_COPY_FN and MPI::Comm::NULL_DELETE_FN.  Thanks to
  JĂșlio Hoffimann for identifying the issues.
- Also allow the word "slots" in rankfiles (i.e., not just "slot").
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Add Mellanox ConnectX 3 device IDs to the openib BTL defaults.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various FCA updates.
- Fix 32 bit SIGBUS errors on Solaris SPARC platforms.
- Add missing ARM assembly code files.
- Update to allow more than 128 entries in an appfile.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various VT updates and bug fixes.
- Update description of btl_openib_cq_size to be more accurate.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Various assembly "clobber" fixes.
- Fix a hang in carto selection in obscure situations.
- Guard the inclusion of execinfo.h since not all platforms have it.  Thanks
  to Aleksej Saushev for identifying this issue.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Support Solaris legacy munmap prototype changes.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Updated to Automake 1.11.1 per
- Fix compilation of LSF support.
- Update MPI_Comm_spawn_multiple.3 man page to reflect what it
  actually does.
- Fix for possible corruption of the environment.  Thanks to Peter
  Thompson for the suggestion.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Enable use of PSM on direct-launch SLURM jobs.
- Update paffinity hwloc to v1.2, and to fix minor bugs affinity
  assignment bugs on PPC64/Linux platforms.
- Let the openib BTL auto-detect its bandwidth.
- Support new MPI-2.2 datatypes.
- Updates to support more datatypes in MPI one-sided communication.
- Fix recursive locking bug when MPI-IO was used with
  MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix mpirun handling of prefix conflicts.
- Ensure mpirun's --xterm options leaves sessions attached.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fixed type of sendcounts and displs in the "use mpi" F90 module.
  ABI is preserved, but applications may well be broken.  See the
  README for more details.  Thanks to Stanislav Sazykin for
  identifying the issue.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix indexed datatype leaks.  Thanks to Pascal Deveze for supplying
  the initial patch.  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Fix debugger mapping when mpirun's -npernode option is used.
- Fixed support for configure's --disable-dlopen option when used with
  "make distclean".
- Fix segv associated with MPI_Comm_create with MPI_GROUP_EMPTY.
  Thanks to Dominik Goeddeke for finding this.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Improved LoadLeveler ORTE support.
- Add new WindVerbs BTL plugin, supporting native OpenFabrics verbs on 
  Windows (the "wv" BTL).
- Add new btl_openib_gid_index MCA parameter to allow selecting which
  GID to use on an OpenFabrics device's GID table.
- Add support for PCI relaxed ordering in the OpenFabrics BTL (when
- Update rsh logic to allow correct SGE operation.
- Ensure that the mca_paffinity_alone MCA parameter only appears once
  in the ompi_info output.  Thanks to Gus Correa for identifying the
- Fixed return codes from MPI_PROBE and MPI_IPROBE.
  (** also to appear in 1.4.4)
- Remove --enable-progress-thread configure option; it doesn't work on
  the v1.5 branch.  Rename --enable-mpi-threads to
  --enable-mpi-thread-multiple.  Add new --enable-opal-multi-threads
- Updates for Intel Fortran compiler version 12.
- Remove bproc support.  Farewell bproc!
- If something goes wrong during MPI_INIT, fix the error
  message to say that it's illegal to invoke MPI_INIT before

Jeff Squyres
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