The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to the next release in the stable release series: 
Open MPI version 1.6.3.

Version 1.6.3 is a minor bugfix release. All users are encouraged to upgrade to 
v1.6.3 when possible. 

Note that v1.6.3 is ABI compatible with the entire v1.5.x and v1.6.x series, 
but is not ABI compatible with the v1.4.x series. See for a description of Open MPI's 
release methodology. 

Version 1.6.3 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors (Windows binaries may be available eventually; Open MPI needs a new 
Windows maintainer -- let us know on the developers' list if you're interested 
in helping out).

Here is a list of changes in v1.6.3 as compared to v1.6.2:

- Fix mpirun --launch-agent behavior when a prefix is specified.
  Thanks to Reuti for identifying the issue.
- Fixed memchecker configury.
- Brought over some compiler warning squashes from the development trunk.
- Fix spawning from a singleton to multiple hosts when the "add-host"
  MPI_Info key is used.  Thanks to Brian Budge for pointing out the
- Add Mellanox ConnextIB IDs and max inline value.
- Fix rankfile when no -np is given.
- FreeBSD detection improvement.  Thanks to Brooks Davis for the
- Removed TCP warnings on Windows.
- Improved collective algorithm selection for very large messages.
- Fix PSM MTL affinity settings.
- Fix issue with MPI_OP_COMMUTATIVE in the mpif.h bindings.  Thanks to
  Ake Sandgren for providing a patch to fix the issue.
- Fix issue with MPI_SIZEOF when using CHARACTER and LOGICAL types in
  the mpi module.  Thanks to Ake Sandgren for providing a patch to fix
  the issue.

Jeff Squyres
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