The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 1.7.  
This release represents over a year of research, development, and testing.  

Although the version 1.7 release marks the advent of a new "feature release" 
series for Open MPI, the v1.6 series remains relevant as the "super stable" 
series. The v1.7 series will eventually morph into the next "super stable" 
series, v1.8 -- at which time, we'll start a new "feature" series (v1.9).

Version 1.7 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors (mirrors will be updating shortly). 

The following is an abbreviated list of changes in v1.7 (note that countless 
other smaller improvements and enhancements are not shown below):

- Added MPI-3 functionality: 
    - Matched probe
    - Non-blocking collectives
    - MPI_INFO_ENV support
    - Fortran '08 bindings (see below)
- Dropped support for checkpoint/restart due to loss of maintainer :-(
- Enabled compile-time warning of deprecated MPI functions by default
  (in supported compilers).
- Revamped Fortran MPI bindings (see the README for details):
  - "mpifort" is now the preferred wrapper compiler for Fortran
  - Added "use mpi_f08" bindings (for compilers that support it)
  - Added better "use mpi" support (for compilers that support it)
  - Removed incorrect MPI_SCATTERV interface from "mpi" module that
    was added in the 1.5.x series for ABI reasons.
- Lots of VampirTrace upgrades and fixes; upgrade to v5.14.3.
- Modified process affinity system to provide warning when bindings
  result in being "bound to all", which is equivalent to not being
- Removed maffinity, paffinity, and carto frameworks (and associated
  MCA params).
- Upgraded to hwloc v1.5.1.
- Added performance improvements to the OpenIB (OpenFabrics) BTL.
- Made malloc hooks more friendly to IO interprosers.  Thanks to the
  bug report and suggested fix from Darshan maintainer Phil Carns.
- Added support for the DMTCP checkpoint/restart system.
- Added support for the Cray uGNI interconnect.
- Fixed header file problems on OpenBSD.
- Fixed issue with MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_REAL.
- Wrapper compilers now explicitly list/link all Open MPI libraries if
  they detect static linking CLI arguments.
- Open MPI now requires a C99 compiler to build.  Please upgrade your
  C compiler if you do not have a C99-compliant compiler.
- Fix MPI_GET_PROCESSOR_NAME Fortran binding to set ierr properly.
  Thanks to LANL for spotting the error.
- Many MXM and FCA updates.
- Fixed erroneous free of putenv'ed string that showed up in Valgrind
- Fixed a bug that prevented MCA params from being forwarded to
  daemons upon launch.
- Fixed issues with VT and CUDA --with-cuda[-libdir] configuration CLI
- Entirely new implementation of many MPI collective routines focused
  on better performance.
- Revamped autogen / build system.
- Add new sensor framework to ORTE that includes modules for detecting
  stalled applications and processes that consume too much memory.
- Added new state machine framework to ORTE that converts ORTE into an
  event-driven state machine using the event library.
- Added a new MCA parameter (ess_base_stream_buffering) that allows the user
  to override the system default for buffering of stdout/stderr streams
  (via setvbuf). Parameter is not visible via ompi_info.
- Revamped the launch system to allow consideration of node hardware
  in assigning process locations and bindings.
- Added the -novm option to preserve the prior launch behavior.
- Revamped the process mapping system to utilize node hardware by adding
  new map-by, rank-by, and bind-to cmd line options.
- Added new MCA parameter to provide protection against IO forwarding
- Dropped support for native Windows due to loss of maintainers. :-(
- Added a new parallel I/O component and multiple new frameworks to 
  support parallel I/O operations.
- Fix typo in orte_setup_hadoop.m4. Thanks to Aleksej Saushev for
  reporting it
- Fix a very old error in opal_path_access(). Thanks to Marco Atzeri
  for chasing it down.

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