The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 

v1.10.0 is the start of a new release series. However, it is based on the v1.8 
series (instead of a new branch off of the OMPI master) with a few added 
features to go along with the usual bug fixes.  Accordingly, the v1.8 series is 
now considered complete and all related bug fixes will be posted to the v1.10 
series. All users are therefore encouraged to upgrade to v1.10.0 when possible. 

Version 1.10.0 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site or any of its 
mirrors  (mirrors will be updating shortly).

** NOTE: The v1.10.0 release marks the transition to Open MPI's new
** version numbering scheme.  The v1.10.x release series is based on
** the v1.8.x series, but with a few new features.  v2.x will be the
** next series after the v1.10.x series, and complete the transition
** to the new version numbering scheme.  See README for more details.

- Added libfabric support (see README for more details):
  - usNIC BTL updated to use libfabric.
  - Added OFI MTL (usable with PSM in libfabric v1.1.0).
- Added Intel Omni-Path support via new PSM2 MTL.
- Added "yalla" PML for faster MXM support.
- Removed support for MX
- Added persistent distributed virtual machine (pDVM) support for fast
  workflow executions.
- Fixed typo in GCC inline assembly introduced in Open MPI v1.8.8.
  Thanks to Paul Hargrove for pointing out the issue.
- Add missing man pages for MPI_Win_get|set_info(3).
- Ensure that session directories are cleaned up at the end of a run.
- Fixed linking issues on some OSs where symbols of dependent
  libraries are not automatically publicly available.
- Improve hcoll and fca configury library detection.  Thanks to David
  Shrader for helping track down the issue.
- Removed the LAMA mapper (for use in setting affinity).  Its
  functionality has been largely superseded by other mpirun CLI
- CUDA: Made the asynchronous copy mode be the default.
- Fix a malloc(0) warning in MPI_IREDUCE_SCATTER_BLOCK.  Thanks to
  Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the issue.
- Fix typo in MPI_Scatter(3) man page.  Thanks to Akshay Venkatesh for
  noticing the mistake.
- Add rudimentary protection from TCP port scanners.
- Fix typo in Open MPI error handling.  Thanks to Åke Sandgren for
  pointing out the error.
- Increased the performance of the CM PML (i.e., the Portals, PSM,
  PSM2, MXM, and OFI transports).
- Restored visibility of blocking send requests in message queue
  debuggers (e.g., TotalView, DDT).
- Fixed obscure IPv6-related bug in the TCP BTL.
- Add support for the "no_locks" MPI_Info key for one-sided
- Fixed ibv_fork support for verbs-based networks.
- Fixed a variety of small bugs in OpenSHMEM.
- Fixed MXM configure with additional CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS.  Thanks to
  David Shrader for the patch.
- Fixed incorrect memalign threshhold in the openib BTL.  Thanks to
  Xavier Besseron for pointing out the issue.

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