The Open MPI community is starting its release cycle for a new release series, 
the v2.1.x series.  The first release candidate -- v2.1.0rc1 -- has been 

v2.1.0 includes several new features beyond the v2.0.x series, most notably 
large reductions in memory consumption for launching large numbers of MPI and 
OpenSHMEM processes.

Would we appreciate real-world / user-based testing of this release candidate 
before v2.1.0 is finally released.  Please let us know of any problems that you 

The v2.1.x series should be backwards compatible with the v2.0.x series.

The final NEWS / README files are still under revision (updating NEWS / README 
are typically among the last things we do before releasing), so I won't post it 
here.  But you can read the full (still-being-revised) list of NEWS bullets in 
the announcement on the developer's list:

Jeff Squyres

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