The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 
3.1.1.  Open MPI 3.1.1 was posted to the Open MPI website on Friday, June 30th, 
but we’re a little late sending the announcement.  Sorry for any confusion this 
may have caused.

Open MPI 3.1.1 is a bug fix release and can be downloaded from the Open MPI web 

Item fixed in Open MPI 3.1.1 include the following:

- Fix potential hang in UCX PML during MPI_FINALIZE
- Update internal PMIx to v2.1.2rc2 to fix forward version compatibility.
- Add new MCA parameter osc_sm_backing_store to allow users to specify
  where in the filesystem the backing file for the shared memory
  one-sided component should live.  Defaults to /dev/shm on Linux.
- Fix potential hang on non-x86 platforms when using builds with
  optimization flags turned off.
- Disable osc/pt2pt when using MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE due to numerous
  race conditions in the component.
- Fix dummy variable names for the mpi and mpi_f08 Fortran bindings to
  match the MPI standard.  This may break applications which use
  name-based parameters in Fortran which used our internal names
  rather than those documented in the MPI standard.
- Revamp Java detection to properly handle new Java versions which do
  not provide a javah wrapper.
- Fix RMA function signatures for use-mpi-f08 bindings to have the
  asynchonous property on all buffers.
- Improved configure logic for finding the UCX library.


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