The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 3.1.2.

Open MPI v3.1.2 is a critical bug fix release, fixing a subtle race condition 
in the vader shared memory communication channel.  Open MPI v3.1.2 can be 
downloaded from the Open MPI web site:

Items fixed in Open MPI 3.1.2 include the following:

- A subtle race condition bug was discovered in the "vader" BTL
  (shared memory communications) that, in rare instances, can cause
  MPI processes to crash or incorrectly classify (or effectively drop)
  an MPI message sent via shared memory.  If you are using the "ob1"
  PML with "vader" for shared memory communication (note that vader is
  the default for shared memory communication with ob1), you need to
  upgrade to v3.1.2 or later to fix this issue.  You may also upgrade
  to the following versions to fix this issue:
  - Open MPI v2.1.5 (expected end of August, 2018) or later in the
    v2.1.x series
  - Open MPI v3.0.1 (released March, 2018) or later in the v3.0.x
- Assorted Portals 4.0 bug fixes.
- Fix for possible data corruption in MPI_BSEND.
- Move shared memory file for vader btl into /dev/shm on Linux.
- Fix for MPI_ISCATTER/MPI_ISCATTERV Fortran interfaces with MPI_IN_PLACE.
- Upgrade PMIx to v2.1.3.
- Numerous One-sided bug fixes.
- Fix for race condition in uGNI BTL.
- Improve handling of large number of interfaces with TCP BTL.
- Numerous UCX bug fixes.


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