The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 3.0.3.

Version 3.0.3 can be downloaded from the Open MPI web site:

This is a bug fix release for the Open MPI 3.0.x release stream. Items fixed in 
this release include the following:

- Fix race condition in MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE support of non-blocking
  send/receive path.
- Fix error handling SIGCHLD forwarding.
- Add support for CHARACTER and LOGICAL Fortran datatypes for MPI_SIZEOF.
- Fix compile error when using OpenJDK 11 to compile the Java bindings.
- Fix crash when using a hostfile with a 'user@host' line.
- Numerous Fortran '08 interface fixes.
- TCP BTL error message fixes.
- OFI MTL now will use any provider other than shm, sockets, tcp, udp, or
  rstream, rather than only supporting gni, psm, and psm2.
- Disable async receive of CUDA buffers by default, fixing a hang
  on large transfers.
- Support the BCM57XXX and BCM58XXX Broadcomm adapters.
- Fix minmax datatype support in ROMIO.
- Bug fixes in vader shared memory transport.
- Support very large buffers with MPI_TYPE_VECTOR.
- Fix hang when launching with mpirun on Cray systems.
- Bug fixes in OFI MTL.
- Assorted Portals 4.0 bug fixes.
- Fix for possible data corruption in MPI_BSEND.
- Move shared memory file for vader btl into /dev/shm on Linux.
- Fix for MPI_ISCATTER/MPI_ISCATTERV Fortran interfaces with MPI_IN_PLACE.
- Upgrade PMIx to v2.1.4.
- Fix for Power9 built-in atomics.
- Numerous One-sided bug fixes.
- Fix for race condition in uGNI BTL.
- Improve handling of large number of interfaces with TCP BTL.
- Numerous UCX bug fixes.
- Add support for QLogic and Broadcom Cumulus RoCE HCAs to Open IB BTL.
- Add patcher support for aarch64.
- Fix hang on Power and ARM when Open MPI was built with low compiler
  optimization settings


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