The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and 
industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI 3.0.5 and 

Both 3.0.5 and 3.1.5 are bug fix releases with largely the same set of bug 
fixes.  All users of both series are encouraged to upgrade when possible.

Version 3.0.5 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site:
Version 3.1.5 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site:

Major Changes in both releases:

- Fix OMPIO issue limiting file reads/writes to 2GB.  Thanks to
  Richard Warren for reporting the issue.
- At run time, automatically disable Linux cross-memory attach (CMA)
  for vader BTL (shared memory) copies when running in user namespaces
  (i.e., containers).  Many thanks to Adrian Reber for raising the
  issue and providing the fix.
- Sending very large MPI messages using the ofi MTL will fail with
  some of the underlying Libfabric transports (e.g., PSM2 with
  messages >=4GB, verbs with messages >=2GB).  Prior version of Open
  MPI failed silently; this version of Open MPI invokes the
  appropriate MPI error handler upon failure.  See for more details.
  Thanks to Emmanuel Thomé for raising the issue.
- Fix case where 0-extent datatypes might be eliminated during
  optimization.  Thanks to Github user @tjahns for raising the issue.
- Ensure that the MPIR_Breakpoint symbol is not optimized out on
  problematic platforms.
- Fix OMPIO offset calculations with SEEK_END and SEEK_CUR in
  MPI_FILE_GET_POSITION.  Thanks to Wei-keng Liao for raising the
- Fix corner case for datatype extent computations.  Thanks to David
  Dickenson for raising the issue.
- Fix MPI buffered sends with the "cm" PML.
- Update to PMIx v2.2.3.
- Fix ssh-based tree-based spawning at scale.  Many thanks to Github
  user @zrss for the report and diagnosis.
- Fix the Open MPI RPM spec file to not abort when grep fails.  Thanks
  to Daniel Letai for bringing this to our attention.
- Handle new SLURM CLI options (SLURM 19 deprecated some options that
  Open MPI was using).  Thanks to Jordan Hayes for the report and the
  initial fix.
- OMPI: fix division by zero with an empty file view.
- Also handle shmat()/shmdt() memory patching with OS-bypass networks.
- Add support for unwinding info to all files that are present in the
  stack starting from MPI_Init, which is helpful with parallel
  debuggers.  Thanks to James Clark for the report and initial fix.
- Fixed inadvertant use of bitwise operators in the MPI C++ bindings
  header files.  Thanks to Bert Wesarg for the report and the fix.

Changes only in v3.0.5 (this change was previously made in the 3.1.x series):

- Added configure option --disable-wrappers-runpath (alongside the
  already-existing --disable-wrappers-rpath option) to prevent Open
  MPI's configure script from automatically adding runpath CLI options
  to the wrapper compilers.

Changes only in v3.1:

- Fix MPI one-sided 32 bit atomic support.
- Add "naive" regx component that will never fail, no matter how
  esoteric the hostnames are.
- Allow individual jobs to set their map/rank/bind policies when
  running LSF.  Thanks to Nick R. Papior for assistance in solving the
- Properly propagate errors to avoid deadlocks in MPI one-sided operations.
- Fix data corruption in non-contiguous MPI accumulates over UCX.


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