The Open MPI community is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI v4.0.6.

Now available for download from the Open MPI Website 

Changes since the v4.0.5 release include:

4.0.6 -- June, 2021


- Update embedded PMIx to 3.2.3.  This update addresses several

  MPI_COMM_SPAWN problems.

- Fix an issue with MPI_FILE_GET_BYTE_OFFSET when supplying a

  zero size file view.  Thanks to @shanedsnyder for reporting.

- Fix an issue with MPI_COMM_SPLIT_TYPE not observing key correctly.

  Thanks to Wolfgang Bangerth for reporting.

- Fix a derived datatype issue that could lead to potential data

  corruption when using UCX.  Thanks to @jayeshkrishna for reporting.

- Fix a problem with shared memory transport file name collisions.

  Thanks to Moritz Kreutzer for reporting.

- Fix a problem when using Flux PMI and UCX.  Thanks to Sami Ilvonen

  for reporting and supplying a fix.

- Fix a problem with MPIR breakpoint being compiled out using PGI

  compilers.  Thanks to @louisespellacy-arm for reporting.

- Fix some ROMIO issues when using Lustre.  Thanks to Mark Dixon for


- Fix a problem using an external PMIx 4 to build Open MPI 4.0.x.

- Fix a compile problem when using the enable-timing configure option

  and UCX.  Thanks to Jan Bierbaum for reporting.

- Fix a symbol name collision when using the Cray compiler to build

  Open SHMEM.  Thanks to Pak Lui for reporting and fixing.

- Correct an issue encountered when building Open MPI under OSX Big Sur.

  Thanks to FX Coudert for reporting.

- Various fixes to the OFI MTL.

- Fix an issue with allocation of sufficient memory for parsing long

  environment variable values.  Thanks to @zrss for reporting.

- Improve reproducibility of builds to assist Open MPI packages.

  Thanks to Bernhard Wiedmann for bringing this to our attention.

Your Open MPI release team.

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