The Open MPI community is pleased to announce the Open MPI v4.0.7 release.  
This release contains a number of bug fixes.

Open MPI v4.0.7 can be downloaded from the Open MPI website:

Changes to v4.0.7 compared to v4.0.6:

- Fix an issue with MPI_IALLREDUCE_SCATTER when using large count
- Fixed an issue with POST/START/COMPLETE/WAIT when using subsets
  of processes.  Thanks to Thomas Gilles for reporting.
- Numerous fixes from vendor partners.
- Fix a problem with a couple of MPI_IALLREDUCE algorithms.  Thanks to
  John Donners for reporting.
- Fix an edge case where MPI_Reduce is invoked with zero count and NULL
  source and destination buffers.
- Use the mfence instruction in opal_atomic_rmb on x86_64 cpus.  Thanks
  to George Katevenis for proposing a fix.
- Fix an issue with the Open MPI build system using the SLURM provided
  PMIx when not requested by the user.  Thanks to Alexander Grund for
- Fix a problem compiling Open MPI with clang on case-insensitive
  file systems.  Thanks to @srpgilles for reporting.
- Fix some OFI usNIC/OFI MTL interaction problems.  Thanks to
  @roguephysicist for reporting this issue.
- Fix a problem with the Posix fbtl component failing to load.
  Thanks to Honggang Li for reporting.



Howard Pritchard
Research Scientist

Los Alamos National Laboratory


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