Open MPI v5.0.0rc4 is now available for testing 

Please test and send feedback either via the user mailing lists or create an 
issue at<>.

This rc includes the addition of MPI Sessions support, the porting of MPI 
documentation and man pages to, and various bug 

See for a change log.

Known issues with rc4:

  *   Not all man pages included in the tarball render correctly. Please use 
the new documentation website 
( if you run into 
  *   Builds configured with UCC ("configure --with-ucc ...") will fail with a 
compile error. There is a fix available at .
  *   The "contrib/dist/linux/openmpi.spec" was not updated to reflect the 
documentation updates. RPM builds using this file will fail.

Thank you,

v5.0 Release Managers

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