The Open MPI community is pleased to announce the Open MPI v4.1.6 release.

This release is a bug fix release.

Open MPI v4.1.6 can be downloaded from the Open MPI website:

Changes to v4.1.6 compared to v4.1.5:

- Fix configure issue with XCode 15.

- Update embedded PMIx to 3.2.5.  PMIx 3.2.5 addresses CVE-2023-41915.

  Note that prior versions of Open MPI (and their associated PMIx

  implementations) are not impacted by this CVE, because Open MPI

  never uses escalated privileges on behalf of an unprivileged user.

  We are backporting this change both because it is low risk and to

  avoid alarms from CVE scanners.

- Fix issue with buffered sends and MTL-based interfaces (Libfabric,

  PSM, Portals).

- Add missing MPI_F_STATUS_SIZE to mpi.h.  Thanks to @jprotze for

  reporting the issue.

- Update Fortran mpi module configure check to be more correct.

  Thanks to Sergey Kosukhin for identifying the issue and supplying

  the fix.

- Update to properly handle PMIx v>=4.2.3.  Thanks to Bruno Chareyre,

  Github user @sukanka, and Christof Koehler for raising the

  compatibility issues and helping test the fixes.

- Fix minor issues and add some minor performance optimizations with

  OFI support.

- Support the "striping_factor" and "striping_unit" MPI_Info names

  recomended by the MPI standard for parallel IO.

- Fixed some minor issues with UCX support.

- Minor optimization for 0-byte MPI_Alltoallw (i.e., make it a no-op).

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