Hi Folks our Governance Summit is rapidly approaching.
To kick off the discussion I would like to propose the following agenda.


Noon // Lunch

12:30 // Keynote
Randy Bias
Building a Common Vision for the Project and Community

  *   Introduce Greg Elkinbard
  *   Getting to 1000x more deployments

12:45 // Group Discussion
Umbrella Foundation Options

  *   Overview of current licensing and business governance under the care of 

Technical Governance Model

  *   Developing in the open
  *   Making blueprints more relevant as a model

1:30 // Break

2:30 // Group Discussion
What has been missing from OpenContrail to facilitate greater adoption?
                2:30-3:00 - small group discussion, followed by larger group
                3:00-4:00 - large group summary

4:00 // Juniper Planned Contributions
Aniket, Sukhdev

4:15 // Mirantis Planned Contributions

4:30 // AT&T Planned Contributions

4:45 // Break

5:00 // User Community

Community participations goals — an opportunity for various users to explain 
their key goals for community participation and why they are at the Summit 

6:00-8:00 // Community Social @ the pub

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