It's been almost 4 years of no updates of php_mt_seed since the previous
announcement of significant new functionality:


I've finally revisited this little project, and extended the range of
supported SIMD instruction sets to include SSE2 and AVX-512 (previously,
the range was from SSE4.1 to AVX2 and MIC).  I made other minor changes
here and there, including the important addition of documentation on
which PHP versions' mt_rand() algorithm is being attacked: it is 5.2.1
through 7.0.x.  (I'd like to extend that range as well, but I haven't
completed those changes yet.)

The new php_mt_seed 3.3 is downloadable at the usual location:


Lukas Odzioba helped test and benchmark it on second generation Xeon Phi
(Knights Landing).  Specifically, running on Xeon Phi 7290 (used as the
host processor), php_mt_seed 3.3 searches the full 32-bit seed space in
3 seconds in the simplest invocation mode, or in 3.5 seconds in our more
advanced example.  Previously, on first generation Xeon Phi 5110P,
php_mt_seed 3.2 achieved respectively 7 and 11 seconds at these tests.


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