We're moving, having a vote, having an election, and making three strike forces
to handle the tasks that need to be taken care of.

Last night's meeting -- actually, series of meetings -- resulted in some hard
decisions being made, and lots of work being created. The most important thing
that was decided is that SkullSpace will be leaving 125 Adelaide at the end of

As a result of this decision, three tasks were created, each assigned to a new
strike force:

1) The Real Estate Strike Force -- headed up by Jay -- is responsible for
   finding us a new home. One possibility was already presented at the meeting,
   and several more have been visited/evaluated in the past week.

2) The New Members Strike Force -- headed up by me -- is responsible for
   recruiting new members, primarily. We have 2-3 events planned in November,
   notably Central Canada Comic Con and Jimcon at which recruiting will
   occur. User group infiltration will also resume.

3) The Moving Strike Force -- headed up by me -- is responsible for moving
   SkullSpace, no matter what, the last week of November.

If you are able to help any of the strike forces, please contact the person
heading them up out-of-band (don't reply to the list) to volunteer. SkullSpace
is moving the last week of November, and will need trucks and labour to get
that done. The Moving Strike Force is working to coordinate storage space so
that when the last week of November comes, we definitely have places to put our
stuff. If you have storage space available -- garages, basements, etc. -- and
are willing to offer them to us, please contact me.

Since we postponed the vote on student rates, it will occur at next Tuesday's
meeting. The bylaws state that the board sets the membership rates, so to keep
this simple the vote will be on whether we approve a student rate for full-time
students. It will be a show-of-hands vote, no proxies, nothing fancy. If you
have been opposed to a student rate, as I have been in the past, please note
that as of yesterday we are in active recruiting mode, and a student rate is an
attractive offer that we know there is a demand for.

At last night's meeting, at which more than half the membership attended, many
members pledged to individually, *optionally* increase their monthly membership
rate above $40 to include a monthly donation. An email will be sent to each
member not asked at last night's meeting if they would be willing to do the
same. Please note that if you don't respond to that email we'll leave you alone
and not pester you further, we're trying to not be pushy.

As a result of a resignation, an election for a new director must be held. The
term for the new director will be three months: from the last meeting in
November until our Annual General Meeting, currently scheduled for the last
meeting in February. The election will be held as it was in February: secret
ballot, proxies, and self-nominations. The voting instructions and list of
candidates will be sent after third meeting in November. Please note that this
is to elect a *director*, not to elect a director to a *position*, the board
works positions out on their own. If you wish to run in this election, please
email me out-of-band (don't reply to the list) to nominate yourself.

Finally, as a result of us moving, ALL MEMBERS MUST REMOVE THEIR BELONGINGS
FROM THE SPACE BEFORE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23. For those few members that are
out-of-town, please contact me to make arrangements.

A lot is happening in November, so here's a calendar:

Nov 01 :: Central Canada Comic Con (setup)
Nov 02 :: Central Canada Comic Con
Nov 03 :: Central Canada Comic Con
Nov 04 :: Central Canada Comic Con
Nov 05 :: 
Nov 06 :: Weekly SkullSpace Meeting (student rate vote)
Nov 07 :: 
Nov 08 :: 
Nov 09 :: 
Nov 10 :: 
Nov 11 :: 
Nov 12 :: 
Nov 13 :: Weekly SkullSpace Meeting (student rate vote)
Nov 14 :: 
Nov 15 :: 
Nov 16 :: Jimcon
Nov 17 :: Jimcon
Nov 18 :: Jimcon
Nov 19 :: 
Nov 20 :: Weekly SkullSpace Meeting (director nominations end)
Nov 21 :: 
Nov 22 :: Last day to remove your belongings
Nov 23 :: Moving of SkullSpace begins
Nov 24 :: Moving of SkullSpace continues
Nov 25 :: Moving of SkullSpace continues
Nov 26 :: Moving of SkullSpace continues
Nov 27 :: Weekly SkullSpace Meeting (director election)
Nov 28 :: Moving of SkullSpace continues
Nov 29 :: Moving of SkullSpace continues
Nov 30 :: Last day at 125 Adelaide

I think that's all of the important information. It was a long night, so if
I've missed anything, please let me know by replying -- which will create a
thread on discuss@.

Mak Kolybabi

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