Hi all,

Check out the new blog post from Robert:


Please feel free to spread the link around. More posts coming that will
discuss our new upcoming logo and illustrated homepage…

In other news, we have our code finally building smoothly with the new
Stack tool, and our documentation is updated for many systems. So,
programmers: come help!
See https://git.gnu.io/snowdrift/snowdrift#tab-readme

Also, I've made first steps toward better organizing our team structure,
see https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/w/en/teams
We're better organizing the roles across the project. Surely we can find
a good role appropriate to *your* interests and capacity — come join the

Let us know any questions via the *other* discussion lists (this
announce one is just for infrequent announcements, see
https://lists.snowdrift.coop/ ), IRC channel #snowdrift, or on the
snowdrift.coop site.


Aaron Wolf Snowdrift.coop <https://snowdrift.coop>
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