Greetings everyone!

First, we had some issues with our mail settings such that many emails
sent either from me or from the lists *may* have been marked as spam. We
hope this is now much improved. Please let us know if any emails from us
continue to get marked as spam.

One bit of news, new blog post:

In other news, we worked out a new plan for a simpler implementation of
the basic mechanism, and we hope to make progress on fully developing
that soon.

Also, our page honoring our pre-launch sponsors is now live!

This covers only a small portion of updates, and much more news will be
coming. We welcome everyone to get involved however you can and help us
make a success. See our updated page:

Thanks for your interest and support!

Reminder: send comments / questions / discussion to the *discuss* list: (or the relevant lists for legal, dev,
design…) We also have a new list for organizing local Portland, OR

Otherwise, chat on the site itself and/or #snowdrift on

All the best,
Aaron and the rest of the team

Aaron Wolf <>
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