Hi all,

Stephen Michel, our new Project Manager, will be at LibrePlanet 2016
this weekend! If you're going, see about connecting with him. You can
reach him at step...@snowdrift.coop

If you're attending, besides just meeting, Stephen will have some
stickers, so those of you who are launch sponsors expecting a sticker,
see if you can get one from him so we don't otherwise deal with extra
mailing! If you haven't become a launch sponsor (someone who donated to
our launch prior to us having the pledge mechanism in place), you could
get a sticker too by either being super nice to Stephen and showing
you'll use the sticker proudly and understand the Snowdrift.coop concept
if people ask you about it and/or donate cash to Stephen in person…

Anyone not attending who wants to support us still during this phase,
see https://snowdrift.coop/donate for details. We are getting closer to
launch and need continued help to make it through.

That said, we will post some formal news more soon, but in summary:
we've pared back the code, refocused on core minimum-viable-product to
get this thing launched, we're starting to use some new project
management tools based on agile development ideas, and we've embraced
Holacracy concepts to define the many roles needed in getting this thing
fully working. Stephen has taken leadership on all these things, and
it's making a big difference already.

Thanks for your continued support and interest. We're going to be seeing
further major progress soon.

I regret that for family reasons, I won't be at LibrePlanet this year,
but so happy that others have stepped up. Have a good time everyone
who's going!


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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