A general update about the status of Snowdrift.coop:

Snowdrift.coop recently engaged in a full-blown utilization of Holacracy
(http://www.holacracy.org/) for our internal working structure, see

One of our most dedicated volunteers, Stephen Michel, has spear-headed
that and helped put that all together. Holacracy is about how to set
responsibilities and authorities and work together to get things done.
It's not democracy focused exactly and is not appropriate for the
fundamental policies and governance that would be the Board and Bylaws.
Holacracy has parallels but is more for who has what roles in the
working team.

We still need to finalize our bylaws (anyone interested in helping us
with this valuable project of finalizing our multi-stakeholder
platform-co-op bylaws as an optimal model, we'd love the help). I have a
new (and first) kid, and that's taken my energy away from this for a
bit, but I'm part-way through getting to the next stage of bylaws draft
(we're at about 3rd draft I'd say).

This weekend, we have a table at Linuxfest Northwest (but I'm not
there). We have a new Community Director:
https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/blog/new-community-director and he's
at LFNW along with our lead developer.

We switched our planning to more agile/scrum style and using a new tool
for that at https://tree.taiga.io/project/snowdrift/

We also moved the wiki stuff to a new subdirectory:

We also are getting toward being done with a code reboot, and then we're
on track to pushing ahead toward finally operating. Lots to do though still.

Thanks for everyone's continued interest.

co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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