The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the 
Apache Maven Shade Plugin Version 3.1.1

Important Note since 3.1.1:

 * Maven 3.X only

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:
Release Notes Maven Shade Plugin 3.1.0


 * [MSHADE-273] - Shading of paths starting with / ignores excludes
 * [MSHADE-275] - Maven Shade Plugin does not work under Java 10


 * [MSHADE-277] - Identify issue related IT failure 
 * [MSHADE-278] - Print out the jar responsible for exceptions like "Error 
creating shaded jar: invalid LOC header (bad signature)"
 * [MSHADE-283] - Add documentation information for GitHub

Dependency upgrades:

 * [MSHADE-276] - Upgrade parent to 31
 * [MSHADE-279] - Upgrade mave-surefire/failsafe-plugin 2.21.0
 * [MSHADE-280] - Upgrade jdom 1.1.3 to jdom2 2.0.6
 * [MSHADE-281] - Upgrade plexus-utils 3.1.0
 * [MSHADE-282] - Remove not used directories rel-path-test-files

Many thanks to all reporters/contributors/testers of this release.


 * MSHADE-273: Eugene Kirpichov
 * MSHADE-275: Markus Grech
 * MSHADE-278: Gary Gregory


 * Markus Grech
 * Rafael Winterhalter

- The Apache Maven team

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