The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven 
Archetype Bundles, version 1.3

Apache Maven Archetype Bundles is a collection of archetypes.

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

Release Notes - Maven Archetype Bundles - Version 1.3

** Bug
    * [MARCHETYPES-12] - When site archetypes (16,17) are built, the index file 
omits much of the generated output
    * [MARCHETYPES-41] - Projects from maven-archetype-quickstart use a very 
old JUnit: JUnit 3.8.1, released on 4 September 2002
    * [MARCHETYPES-42] - Plugin archetype must include sample with it test 
(use of invoker plugin)
    * [MARCHETYPES-43] - Incorrect prefix configured in created plugin project
    * [MARCHETYPES-50] - Spelling issue in maven-archetype-quickstart

** New Feature
    * [MARCHETYPES-59] - add an archetype for Skins creation

** Improvement
    * [MARCHETYPES-37] - The POM of generated projects should have xml prolog/
header specifying encoding
    * [MARCHETYPES-40] - Use new annotations with Plugin Archetype 
    * [MARCHETYPES-46] - Remove superfluous packaging
    * [MARCHETYPES-47] - MyMojo contains unused import
    * [MARCHETYPES-51] - add plugin testing harness to maven-archetype-plugin

** Task
    * [MARCHETYPES-48] - Upgrade archetype-packaging extension to 3.4.
    * [MARCHETYPES-52] - rework maven-archetype-simple, which is currently not 
an archetype, to a real archetype
    * [MARCHETYPES-53] - upgrade maven-archetype-j2ee-simple to Archetype NG
    * [MARCHETYPES-54] - add pluginManagement section to define plugins 
versions in generated projects
    * [MARCHETYPES-55] - improve archetypes generating site: define skin + 
markdown example
    * [MARCHETYPES-57] - fix maven-archetype-archetype to generate a valid 
Archetype NG
    * [MARCHETYPES-58] - release all archetypes in a row
    * [MARCHETYPES-60] - switch to Git


-The Apache Maven team

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