The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache
Maven Surefire Plugin, version 2.22.1

The release contains 17 bug fixes.
Again we received contributions from the community in form of bug reports
and bug fixes.
Thank you and keep them coming!

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


or for failsafe:


or for surefire-report:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

        Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version 2.22.1


    [SUREFIRE-1532] - MIME type for javascript is now officially
    [SUREFIRE-1535] - Surefire unable to run testng suites in parallel
    [SUREFIRE-1538] - Git considers PNG files as changed although there is
no change
    [SUREFIRE-1550] - The surefire XSD published on maven site lacks of
some rerun element
    [SUREFIRE-1559] - XML Report elements rerunError, rerunFailure,
flakyFailure, flakyError should contain element stackTrace and should not
be simpleContent.
    [SUREFIRE-1561] - Logs in Parallel Tests are mixed up when
forkMode=never or forkCount=0
    [SUREFIRE-1564] - Can't override platform version through
project/plugin dependencies
    [SUREFIRE-1579] - Forks mixed up characters in standard output


    [SUREFIRE-1552] - Nil element "failureMessage" in failsafe-summary.xml
should have self closed tag
    [SUREFIRE-1554] - Fix old test resources TEST-*.xml in favor of
continuing with SUREFIRE-1550
    [SUREFIRE-1555] - Elapsed time in XML Report should satisfy pattern in
    [SUREFIRE-1562] - Support Java 11
    [SUREFIRE-1565] - Surefire should support parameterized reportsDirectory


    [SUREFIRE-1569] - m-invoker-p:3.1.0 attempts to reolve
maven-surefire-common:jar:2.22.1-SNAPSHOT from remote repo
    [SUREFIRE-1578] - Remove obsolete module

Dependency upgrade

    [SUREFIRE-1540] - Upgrade maven-plugins parent to version 32
    [SUREFIRE-1571] - Upgrade maven-plugins parent to version 33


-The Apache Maven team

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