The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache
Maven Surefire Plugin, version 3.0.0-M2.

The release contains 15 bug fixes.
Again we received contributions from the community in form of bug reports
and bug fixes.
Thank you and keep them coming!

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


or for failsafe:


or for surefire-report:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

        Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version 3.0.0-M2


   - [SUREFIRE-1568 <>]
   - Versions 2.21 and higher doesn't work with junit-platform for Java 9
   - [SUREFIRE-1593 <>]
   - 3.0.0-M1 produces invalid code sources on Windows
   - [SUREFIRE-1602 <>]
   - Surefire fails loading class ForkedBooter when using a sub-directory pom
   file and a local maven repo
   - [SUREFIRE-1605 <>]
   - NoClassDefFoundError (RunNotifier) with JDK 11
   - [SUREFIRE-1606 <>]
   - maven-shared-utils must not be on provider's classpath

New Feature

   - [SUREFIRE-1531 <>]
   - Option to switch-off Java 9 modules


   - [SUREFIRE-1590 <>]
   - Deploy multiple versions of Report XSD
   - [SUREFIRE-1591 <>]
   - Java 1.7 feature Diamonds replaced Generics
   - [SUREFIRE-1594 <>]
   - Java 1.7 feature try-catch - multiple exceptions in one catch
   - [SUREFIRE-1595 <>]
   - Java 1.7 feature System.lineSeparator()
   - [SUREFIRE-1597 <>]
   - ModularClasspathForkConfiguration with debug logs (@args file and its
   path on file system)


   - [SUREFIRE-1596 <>]
   - Unnecessary check JAVA_RECENT == JAVA_1_7 in unit tests
   - [SUREFIRE-1598 <>]
   - Fixed typo in assertion statement in integration test


   - [SUREFIRE-1600 <>]
   - Surefire Project using surefire:2.12.4 is not fully able to work with JDK
   10+ on internal build system. Therefore surefire-shadefire should go with
   - [SUREFIRE-1607 <>]
   - Roadmap on Project Site


-The Apache Maven team

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