The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache
Maven Surefire Plugin, version 3.0.0-M4.

The release contains 43 bug fixes.
Again we received contributions from the community in form of bug reports
and bug fixes.
Thank you and keep them coming!

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


or for failsafe:


or for surefire-report:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

        Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version3.0.0-M4


    [SUREFIRE-1222] - ForkClient attempts to consume unrelated lines
    [SUREFIRE-1464] - Failsafe plugin exposes slf4j-jdk14 dependency
    [SUREFIRE-1534] - Surefire 2.21.0 ClassNotFoundException:
org.apache.maven.plugin.surefire.StartupReportConfiguration using
reuseForks set to false
    [SUREFIRE-1546] - JUnit 5 runner does not honor JUnit 5 display names
    [SUREFIRE-1664] - "plugin's wiki page" points to non-existing web page
    [SUREFIRE-1669] - POJO tests do not call fixture methods setUp and
tearDown and test instances are not new between tests
    [SUREFIRE-1670] - wrong "Filtering by Test Class Names" in failsafe
"Using JUnit 5 Platform" page
    [SUREFIRE-1675] - Forked JVM terminates with 'halt' when another
module's tests fail
    [SUREFIRE-1679] - Caching of provider classpath with module-specific
changes may break test bootstrapping in subsequent modules
    [SUREFIRE-1684] - The documentation of Maven Surefire Report Plugin
contains wrong number of plugin goals
    [SUREFIRE-1689] - The fast PpidChecker is switched to the slow 30
seconds PING after the subprocess (/bin/ps -o etime= -p ...) failed with
exit 1
    [SUREFIRE-1690] - Typo fixed: classpathDependencyExclude
    [SUREFIRE-1701] - Surefire / Failsafe rerun failed tests functionality
fails with JUnit 5 if using @DisplayName
    [SUREFIRE-1707] - Forked JVM is killed when GC paused the tests for
over 30 seconds
    [SUREFIRE-1712] - Running tests with JDK13 fails with Unsupported class
file major version 57
    [SUREFIRE-1716] - JUnit5 Parameterized tests and re-run should see
unique test runs with different parameters

New Feature

    [SUREFIRE-1584] - Rerun Failing Tests with JUnit 5
    [SUREFIRE-1705] - new config parameter Exclude Environment Variables
    [SUREFIRE-1711] - Support @ParameterizedTest for JUnit 5 test reruns
    [SUREFIRE-1717] - Enable Process Checkers


    [SUREFIRE-1004] - Enhance pattern/wildcard capabilities for
dependenciesToScan to GAVT
    [SUREFIRE-1585] - Align JUnit Platform version at runtime
    [SUREFIRE-1617] - Surefire fails with bad message when path contains
    [SUREFIRE-1619] - FileReporter should not use PintWriter because i/o
errors are not thrown
    [SUREFIRE-1620] - Replaced deprecated component ArtifactFactory with
    [SUREFIRE-1634] - Add missing since tags to excludesFile and
    [SUREFIRE-1635] - Set properties readonly where it doesn't make sense
to change values
    [SUREFIRE-1647] - When using junit5, delay loading testClass and use
myown classLoader
    [SUREFIRE-1666] - printSummary=false does not completely suppress the
summary on the console
    [SUREFIRE-1668] - The stackTrace should use CDATA in XML report.
    [SUREFIRE-1682] - Default value for config parameter 'shutdown' should
change from 'testset' to 'exit'
    [SUREFIRE-1702] - [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] JAR content is not flushed
completely down to drive "Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile
    [SUREFIRE-1703] - [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] Surefire handled random order
of pid and /procps does not filter pid on busybox distributions
    [SUREFIRE-1704] - [JDK 11 Alpine Linux] long etime within hours has
format 2h01 on busybox


    [SUREFIRE-1678] - JUnit5 Integration Tests should test wide spectrum of
    [SUREFIRE-1683] - Buildfix: TLS 1.2 passed to maven-invoker-plugin via
system property
    [SUREFIRE-1706] - Use the checkstyle in tests and set
    [SUREFIRE-1714] - Created module "surefire-shared-utils" as a required
dependency in "surefire-extensions-api" and "maven-surefire-common"

Dependency upgrade

    [SUREFIRE-1642] - Upgrade plexus-java to Version 1.0.3
    [SUREFIRE-1646] - Upgrade maven-artifact-transfer Version 0.11.0
    [SUREFIRE-1672] - DOXIA updated to version 1.9
    [SUREFIRE-1674] - DOXIA TOOLS updated to version 1.9.1
    [SUREFIRE-1685] - Upgrade maven-fluido-skin to 1.8 and
maven-site-plugin to 3.8.2


-The Apache Maven team

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