The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Wagon, version 3.4.1.

Release Notes - Maven Wagon - Version 3.4.1

** Bug
* [WAGON-591] - Transfer event is not restarted when request is redirected * [WAGON-592] - Wagon fails when compiled on Java 9+ and run on Java 8 due to JDK API breakage * [WAGON-594] - http.route.default-proxy config property never passes protocol and port of proxy server

** Improvement
* [WAGON-595] - Add configuration property 'http.protocol.handle-content-compression' * [WAGON-596] - Add configuration property 'http.protocol.handle-uri-normalization'

** Task
    * [WAGON-593] - Remove non-existent cache header


-The Apache Maven team

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