The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Doxia Sitetools, version 2.0.0-M6

Doxia Sitetools is an extension of base Doxia component that generates text markup, consisting of decoration and content that was generated by Doxia.

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

Release Notes - Maven Doxia Sitetools - Version 2.0.0-M6

** New Feature
* [DOXIASITETOOLS-291] - Add timezone field to site descriptor PublishDate object and pass onto Velocity tools context

** Improvement
* [DOXIASITETOOLS-293] - Remove menu items link in the sidebar to submodule that are not present in the same build (reactor) * [DOXIASITETOOLS-294] - Replace legacy artifact resolution with Maven Resolver

** Task
* [DOXIASITETOOLS-272] - Remove support for Maven 1.x style site directory layout
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-289] - Remove SiteTool#getParentProject()
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-290] - Remove SiteRenderingContext#defaultWindowTitle

** Dependency upgrade
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-297] - Upgrade components


-The Apache Maven team

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