We have released LibreSSL 2.5.2, which will be arriving in the
LibreSSL directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon. It includes the following

    * Added the recallocarray(3) memory allocation function, and converted
      various places in the library to use it, such as CBB and BUF_MEM_grow.
      recallocarray(3) is similar to reallocarray. Newly allocated memory
      is cleared similar to calloc(3). Memory that becomes unallocated
      while shrinking or moving existing allocations is explicitly
      discarded by unmapping or clearing to 0.

    * Added new root CAs from SECOM Trust Systems / Security Communication
      of Japan.

    * Added EVP interface for MD5+SHA1 hashes.

    * Fixed DTLS client failures when the server sends a certificate

    * Corrected handling of padding when upgrading an SSLv2 challenge into
      an SSLv3/TLS connection.

    * Allowed protocols and ciphers to be set on a TLS config object in

    * Improved nc(1) TLS handshake CPU usage and error reporting.

    * New tests, portability improvements, and bug fixes.

The LibreSSL project continues improvement of the codebase to reflect modern,
safe programming practices. We welcome feedback and improvements from the
broader community. Thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this
release possible.

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