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OpenOffice.org Newsletter

November 2009

The Community Needs your Help !

There are dozens of opportunities to support the community and you do not have to be a developer to help out. Here are just two out of many examples:

Are You Interested in Marketing?
Go ahead an help the OpenOffice.org marketing project!
Help spread the word and by the way it looks good in your resume.

Do You like to Write Articles or Short Manuals  ?
The documentation project is always looking for new and exciting articles.

Don't be shy and start volunteering today!

Success Stories

OSOR: OS resource centre awards Kongsberg municipality

Kongsberg uses the open source suite of office applications OpenOffice.org in the municipal offices and at schools.  Read More »

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Featured News

Linux Journal: 3 recent OpenOffice.org extensions

These days, many extensions are language-specific or clipart collections that most people will never use. Read More »

eWeek: Ditch Microsoft, Save £269m Says Hungarian Open Source Group

Despite a struggling economy and public debt, the Hungarian government continues to spend millions on Microsoft licenses when cheaper alternatives exist, open source groups say  Read More »

eGov: Danish Municipality of Rødovre Expects OpenOffice.org To Reduce Costs Over Long Term

The municipality announced on 6 November 2009 that, as from the next week, it will start to use OpenOffice.org alongside its proprietary alternative. Read More »

epmonthly: Why I Dumped Microsoft Office

Its been a while since I did a computer-related post. For those of you who didn’t read my old blog, I’m kind of a computer geek. Read More »

Freelance: Free Spell Checkers and Grammar Checkers for Writers

A good grammar and spell checker is required if you write for a living. Although it can't replace a careful proofread of your work Read More »

GullFOSS: Improved websites to download OO.o builds 

The current setup of websites for downloading OO.o installation sets provides builds for several languages and operating systems.  Read More »

GullFOSS: Odt2DAISY - create DAISY Digital Talking Books with OpenOffice.org! 

Vincent Spiewak has finished his OpenOffice.org extension for converting ODF text documents to DAISY Digital Talking Books  Read More »

GullFOSS: Videos: Clayton, Rafaella and You? 

Did you know that OOo has its own YouTube channel? Check out the interesting and informative new videos available for your viewing and listening pleasure. Read More »

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Tips & Tricks

Linux Journal: Graphic styles in OO.o Draw and Impress

One of OpenOffice.org's greatest strengths is its emphasis on styles. Some users balk at styles, claiming they are restrictive, but no other feature repays a little organization with so much ease of use and saving of time.  Read More »

ComputerActive: Guide to using OpenOffice.org templates

OpenOffice.org Writer is a great word processor and we often recommend it as an alternative to Microsoft Word if all you need to do is create simple documents.  Read More »

Linux.com:  Lesser Known, But Very Helpful Features in OpenOffice.org Writer

Anyone using Linux (or any operating system for that matter) should know about the OpenOffice.org office suite. Read More »

Solveig Haugland: How to do a holiday letter using mail merge, and print labels for the envelopes

've tried to make it as complete as possible without actually rising up out of the browser and knocking you over the head with painful details. Read More »

Solveig Haugland: Modifying raster shape colors with the RGB and Brightness tools in OpenOffice.org Draw

If you want to change how a drawing shape looks, you can easily use the border and fill shapes. Read More »

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OpenDocument (ODF)

OSOR: Chair of Denmark's standards committee:
'Microsoft is lying'

Mogens Kühn Pedersen, chair of the Danish Standards Committee, says Microsoft is lying when it says it will implement ISO OOXML in the next version of its suite of office applications....  Read More »

Second ODF Plugfest: Notes from the First Day

The second ODF Interoperability Workshop held in Orvieto gathered together more than 30 ODF experts, developers and stakeholders from public administrations to improve ODF interoperability. Read More »

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Solution of the Month

Screenwright(R) screenplay formatting template

This free Writer template, winner of a cash prize in
the Sun Microsystems/OO.o Community Innovation Program
Awards competition, will format your movie script to industry
standards. Other formatters include: sitcom, theater/stage play, and
audio-visual dual-column corporate video / industrial film. A4 and
Letter versions. Read More »

Please Note:

This section introduces a single solution which provides a OO.o integration or based on OO.o technology. The idea behind it is to  support vendors who have an OO.o integration.

Drop us an email, if you want to have your solution listed.

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