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The Community needs your help !

There are dozens of opportunities to support the community and you do not have to be a developer to help out. Here are just two out of many examples:

Are you interested in marketing?
Go ahead an help the OpenOffice.org marketing project!
Help spread the word and by the way it looks good in your resume.

Do you like to write articles or short manuals  ?
The documentation project is always looking for new and exciting articles.

Don't be shy and start volunteering today!

Success Stories

LiMux review 2009

LiMux has achieved one very important goal. The ODF Format is Munich’s primary used internal document exchange standard ... [and the] standard office workplace consists of OO.o, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Read More »

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Featured News

Computerworld: Making Government IT Better - and Open

As I've noted many a time, the UK government has been one of the most backward when it comes to adopting open source solutions.. Read More »

Toronto Sun: Feds open to computer reboot.

The Canadian government could save up to $18 million a year by adopting OpenOffice.org software instead of continuing to deal with traditional suppliers who charge licensing fees for computer applications.  Read More »

eGov: Dutch Government Aims To Increase Open Source In Key IT Projects

The Dutch Government wants to increase the use of open standards and open source in some of its key IT projects, minister for Foreign Trade Frank Heemkskerk.  Read More »

OpenOffice.org Tops "The Best of PRWeb" for 2009

PRWeb, the online news distribution service of Vocus today announced that an OpenOffice.org news release was named the winner of The Best of PRWeb contest. Read More »

The H: Vienna: Windows and Linux to coexist

Rather administrative staff will have the choice of running either Windows and Microsoft Office or Linux and OpenOffice.org on their desktop. Read More »

ChannelWeb: The 10 Coolest Open-Source Products Of 2009

According to Frank Basanta, director of technology for Systems Solutions, a New York-based integrator, OpenOffice.org is seeing more adoption because of its increased interoperability with Office
Read More »

Computerworld: Is OO.o a Threat? Microsoft Thinks So

One of the unusual aspects of open source is the fact that the software development philosophy spills over into the way that the project is run.  Read More »

GullFOSS: Project Renaissance Impress Improvements - Found the required slide layout yet?

As indicated in the previous posts, we have started to redesign a few really basic interactions in OpenOffice.org Impress in order to reduce the overall complexity of the UI.  Read More »

GullFOSS: New UI for OpenOffice.org? When? 

I know some of you read the title and thought “Oh cool! I'm dying for a new user interface (UI). When will it finally be ready?”.
Read More »

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Tips & Tricks

Computeractive: Edit or remove the header in OO.o Calc

I use the OO.o Calc spreadsheet to type lists. When I print these lists, the page always prints with the words 'Sheet 1' at the top and 'Page 1' at the bottom, even though these do not appear as I am typing.  Read More »

Accessing ABAP Web Services from OpenOffice.org

This Wiki article tries to explain how ABAP Web Services can be accessed from OpenOffice.org.  Read More »

Linux.com:  Lesser known, but very helpful features in OpenOffice.org Writer

Anyone using Linux (or any operating system for that matter) should know about the OpenOffice.org office suite. Read More »

Solveig Haugland: The somewhat variable helpfulness of the Function List in Calc, and how to get the full syntax

I'm a big fan of the function list palette, as a list of functions. Choose Insert > Function List and the palette of all functions will appear. Read More »

Solveig Haugland: Copying multiple sheets at once in Calc spreadsheets

If you try to select several sheets in a spreadsheet, then right-click to copy, all but one come unselected.  Read More »

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OpenDocument (ODF)

Governments Increasingly Turn to OpenDocument Format as ODF Alliance Marks Unprecedented 2008

The ranks of governments adopting the OpenDocument Format (ODF) continued to grow, as did the depth and range of ODF applications, according to the annual report published by the ODF Alliance.  Read More »

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Solution of the month

Screenwright(R) screenplay formatting template

This free Writer template, winner of a cash prize in
the Sun Microsystems/OO.o Community Innovation Program
Awards competition, will format your movie script to industry
standards. Other formatters include: sitcom, theater/stage play, and
audio-visual dual-column corporate video / industrial film. A4 and
Letter versions. Read More »

Please Note:

This section introduces a single solution which provides a OO.o integration or based on OO.o technology. The idea behind it is to  support vendors who have an OO.o integration.

Drop us an email, if you want to have your solution listed.

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