The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the Fifth
Release Candidate of oVirt 4.3.0, as of January 31th, 2019

This is pre-release software. This pre-release should not to be used in

Please take a look at our community page[1] to learn how to ask questions
and interact with developers and users.

All issues or bugs should be reported via oVirt Bugzilla[2].

This update is the first release candidate of the 4.3.0 version.

This release brings more than 130 enhancements and more than 450 bug fixes
on top of oVirt 4.2 series.

What's new in oVirt 4.3.0?

* Q35 chipset, support booting using UEFI and Secure Boot

* Skylake-server and AMD EPYC support

* New smbus driver in windows guest tools

* Improved support for v2v

* OVA export / import of Templates

* Full support for live migration of High Performance VMs

* Microsoft Failover clustering support (SCSI Persistent Reservation) for
Direct LUN disks

* Hundreds of bug fixes on top of oVirt 4.2 series

* New VM portal details page (see a preview here:

* New Cluster upgrade UI

* OVN security groups

* IPv6 (static host addresses)

* Support of Neutron from RDO OpenStack 13 as external network provider

* Support of using Skydive from RDO OpenStack 14 as Tech Preview

* Support for 3.6 and 4.0 data centers, clusters and hosts were removed

* Now using PostgreSQL 10

* New metrics support using rsyslog instead of fluentd

This release is available now on x86_64 architecture for:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 or later

* CentOS Linux (or similar) 7.6 or later

This release supports Hypervisor Hosts on x86_64 and ppc64le architectures

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 or later

* CentOS Linux (or similar) 7.6 or later

* oVirt Node 4.3 (available for x86_64 only)

Experimental tech preview for x86_64 and s390x architectures for Fedora 28
is also included.

See the release notes draft [3] for installation / upgrade instructions and
a list of new features and bugs fixed.


- oVirt Appliance is already available for CentOS 7

- oVirt Appliance for Fedora 28 (tech preview) is being delayed due to
build issues with the build system.

Additional Resources:

* Read more about the oVirt 4.3.0 release highlights:

* Get more oVirt project updates on Twitter:

* Check out the latest project news on the oVirt blog:








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