The Apache Tomcat team announces the immediate availability of Apache
Tomcat 7.0.47.

Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java
Servlet, JavaServer Pages and Java Expression Language technologies.

This release contains a number of bug fixes and improvements compared to
version 7.0.42. The notable changes include:
- Back-port the JSR-356 Java WebSocket 1.0 implementation from Apache
  Tomcat 8.
- Deprecate the Apache Tomcat proprietary WebSocket API in favour of the
  new JSR-356 implementation.
- Add a drawing board example to the WebSocket examples.

Please refer to the change log for the complete list of changes:

Note: This version has 4 zip binaries: a generic one and
          three bundled with Tomcat native binaries for Windows operating
          running on different CPU architectures.

Note: Use of the JSR-356 Java WebSocket 1.0 implementation requires Java 7.

Note: If you use the APR/native AJP or HTTP connector you *must* upgrade
          to version 1.1.29 or later of the APR/native library.


Migration guides from Apache Tomcat 5.5.x and 6.0.x:

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