Hi Peter,
     Thanks for the answer.

     I  find that the current ansible version does not include 
 netconf_config module.
     And Junos modules  using the below code "try" to depend other python 
lib, we will using the same style to resolve the third party lib dependency 
 question. If we expect HUAWEI data center switch modules will be ansible 
core modules. Does it work ok?

try: import jxmlease
except ImportError:

在 2016年9月30日星期五 UTC+8上午11:53:46,jacky....@gmail.com写道:
> Now we using ncclient netconf lib to develop huawei datacenter switch 
> ansible module;
> But we hope our switch ansible module will be ansible core module, and I 
> think it's better that ansible do not need to add new dependency library.

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