Hi all, we're happy to announce that RC1 for 2.1.3 is now available for

This release candidate addresses the following bugs:

* Fixed several bugs related to locating files relative to role/playbook
* Fixed a bug in the way hosts were tested for failed states, resulting in
incorrectly skipped block sessions.
* Fixed a bug in the way our custom JSON encoder is used for the to_json*
* Fixed some bugs related to the use of non-ascii characters in become
* Fixed postgres* and subversion modules to ensure password fields were not
displayed when no_log=True is used.

How do you get it?

The tar.gz of the release can be found here:

SHA256: 20ba6fa21632a96c6727edd080a4184e91c0aa756391d7a88988e626de66d961

You can also test against the git repository as follows:

$ git clone https://github.com/ansible/ansible.git
$ cd ansible
$ git checkout v2.1.3.0-0.1.rc1
$ git submodule update --init

You can then source our testing script:

$ . hacking/env-setup

or you can build your own .tar.gz (output will be

$ make sdist

If you discover any errors, or if you see any regressions from playbooks
which work on 1.9.x and prior, please open a Github issue and be sure to
mention you're testing against this release candidate.


James Cammarata

Ansible Lead/Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Ansible by Red Hat
twitter: @thejimic, github: jimi-c

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