Hey all,

In my workflow at work, we us Ansible for managing dynamically provisioned 
Azure VMs after they're provisioned. Currently our provisioning scripts 
setup the Azure VMs, and then generate an ansible inventory file, which we 
store in AWS S3. This way, any of the operations folks who want to run post 
provisioning playbooks, they go download the inventory file from AWS S3, 
and then run the playbooks using the regular syntax `ansible-playbook 
a-playbook.yml -i path/to/downloaded/inventory/file`.

We recently upgraded to Ansible 2.4, and was wondering, that given the new 
inventory plugin refactor, if it would be possible for me to write a 
plugin, that wraps the INI plugin, but does the automatic download of the 
inventory from the AWS S3 source. How would I go about doing it? 

1. Can I write my custom inventory plugin in my `lib/` directory, and 
Ansible will pick it up? Or is there another path where it looks for 
inventory plugins.
2. Is there any documentation on writing a custom plugin, including the 
interface of expected method calls and return values?
3. Bonus, does the current design allow me to "compose" (in the sense of 
functional programming) plugins over existing plugins?

So for example in my case, I would just add a wrapper plugin class (or 
maybe a child class of the INI plugin), and add the logic to download the 
inventory file. Specifically something that would work with the command 
line `ansible-playbook my-playbook.yml -i s3://my-bucket/inventory/path`.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Note the basic idea I'm going for is not really an Inventory plugin,as 
much as writing an inventory lookup plugin.

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