Hi. I am very new to Ansible but I have a good experience in programming in 

I am orchestrating infra and services on Azure using Ansible but I have hit 
a bit of a limitation when I needed to retrieve Account Keys (Storage, 
KeyVault secrets etc.) to pass between different tasks.

E.g. The new KeyVaultSecret module allows to add and delete a secret, but 
there is no option to retrieve Secret value. Is this by design, because of 
some security consideration?

I was thinking about enhancing this module 
on the REST convention by adding another property/attribute called 'action'.
 - action: list/get/create/delete

The other option would be to create a new module, but that seems to be an 
overkill for such a small task.


My linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanvirmundra/

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