I was trying to debug and understand how ansible handles what it is in the 
yml and how it is transformed in powershell.

I came up with this test example where I have this structure

- beer:
name: Ansible Brew
type: light

It is hard for me to debug it and I wanted to execute the ps1 module 
outside of ansible as 
using the complex_args structure

$complex_args = @{
    "_ansible_check_mode" = $false
    "_ansible_diff" = $false
    "path" = "C:\temp"
    "state" = "present"}

But I'm struggling to reproduce the *add_children*. I can only see that the 
ansible Get-AnsibleParams when the type is a "list" all it does is

# Convert string type to real Powershell array
$value = $value.Split(",").Trim()

Any clue about how to create this yml complex list?

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