Am Freitag, 23. August 2019 18:32:18 UTC+2 schrieb Brian Coca:

> This is why feedback is important and we continue to listen, learn and 
> adapt, we would also benefit from more people attending the IRC meetings 
> where these things get proposed, voted on and decided. 
> <>

Well, maybe for decisions which would affect almost all and every ansible 
user it would be awesome to start a poll on a place where you could reach 
more users like here in the google groups or at github. Or at least 
announce that there would be a poll and how to participate.

I'm not a developer but a user of ansible. I subscribed to the 
announcements, read the changelog before version updates and report and try 
to triage issues if I encounter them. But that's it. Unfortunately there is 
no more time to attend to irc meetings and so on. And I'm for sure one out 
of many who act in a very similar way. But this way I recognize the change 
when the decision is made and it's to late to spend my two cent on it. :-/


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