Ansible is a very popular project by any metric. Our delightful community 
contributes numerous Pull Requests (PRs) every month. Unfortunately, the 
volume of incoming PRs means contributors often have to wait days, weeks, 
or months for PRs to be merged. Sometimes it takes that long for a cursory 
review. We want to change that.

Are you may have seen the PR backlog is growing, though if we can merge (or 
close) an extra 100 PRs per month will break even. Although that might 
sound like a lot though we already merge/close ~800 PRs/month.

The Core Team and Community at large is starting various initiatives under 
the Contributor Experience umbrella. The idea is to help address some of 
the causes that slow down quality PRs from being merged into Ansible 

We dedicate two days a month to doing a big community review. We hope you 
can join in!

What we are trying to achieve:

   To give potential new community members a place to learn and experiment 
   with Ansible's review process and get feedback
   Improve the process and documentation by getting feedback from you
      Feedback from people starting their journey with open source is 
      particularly important to us as it helps to identify and improve 
      complicated processes and documentation.
      People that have been contributing for a while have already built up 
      this knowledge and have forgotten the "pain of getting started"
   Give PRs some love
   Identify PRs that could be merged or closed
Want to know more about how to contribute to Ansible, have a look at our 
on-demand webinar 
 and slides (press "s" to get speaker notes) 

The next session two sessions are:

   Tuesday 3rd September from 1000 UTC
   Thursday 19h September from 1000 UC

Hope to see you there!

To find out how to join, and the dates of future PR review days see 
community#407 <>

Hope to see you there
John "gundalow" Barker
Principal Engineer
Ansible by Red Hat

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