On Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 12:41:36 AM UTC+10, Brian Coca wrote:
> >What I have not understand yet, do hyphens and dash causes confusion and 
> support cases or only the use of dots and colones etc.? Would it be 
> possible to only ban the chars that are causing the most of the trouble? 
> Most of the issues have to do with the hyphen, there are incidents 
> with the dots also (I've even seen `@groupname` once)  but if we are 
> only going to ban the characters after people hit the issue i still 
> think it is a bad experience for the new user. 
> Hi Brian,
Can you provide an example of something where using groups with dashes 
leads to issues?

I understand the general principle that `a.b-c.d` is not equivalent to 

Is it people trying to access `groups.group-a.vars` instead of 
`groups['group-a'].vars`? Is this a particularly widespread pattern? (You 
have to be pretty advanced to want to access vars from other groups, by 
which point hopefully you understand Jinja syntax)


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